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English blog posts merged

Several people asked what happened to the IT-PlayGround.net blog posts that are based on PowerShell Automation, scripting and license distribution. So, I decided to merge them to my portfolio website. Enjoy.
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Virtual Tape Library & Acronis Cyber Backup

Today, I will show you a way how you can create, learn and play with a nice virtual tape device emulation software. This will be useful if you have not had the chance to play, protect the data you have on a tape device until now for example. I had tried the Windows way with a free limited in functio...
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FirewallD in CentOS 7

While working towards improving my Linux skills I found it useful to show how to temporarily (when needed) disable and stop the FirewallD in CentOS 7. As you know FirewallD is a complete firewall solution that dynamically manages the level of trust within network connections and ...
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iPerf usage for network performance bottleneck troubleshooting

 I had the opportunity to participate within a freelance project where I had to prove that the bottleneck is not related to the built web application performance but the network itself. Then I found useful the iperf command line tool. Today, the blog post is about it. iperf is one of the b...
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Securing PowerShell app with Obsidium

In a previous post, I had described my experience of building my own toolkit for collecting various windows logs. In today's blog post, I decided to have a sneak peek about my choice of using Obsidium Software Protection Application to make someone's life more difficult if they try cracking my or an...
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